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Here are some vfx projects, commercials, movies, and toys i've worked on.  From modeling, texturing, concepts, and design to scene layout camera work, pre-viz, and toys. VFX can be quite diverse, ive dipped a toe in all kinds of styles and projects, always a challenge.

Neon Robotic

John Bellion album art character concepts and produciton models.

Rocket Jump S2, Ep3, robot arm production model

Lost in Space Trailer

Pre-Viz, Cinematic Layouts, Fx Design, Cameras, Concept Art,Creature Design,

 Creature Production Models/UV's, Production Models Management assist.

Lost in Space Creatures

some creature concepts and models

Ready Player One Trailer

Production Character Modeling/uv's/UDIMS

Ready Player One

Production Character Modeling/UV's/UDIMS


Photo real assets, hand animated FX simulation mimic effect

Prime Swords

modeling of assets for 3d print/molds

Starcraft 2 2011 Blizzcon exclusive mini figures

modeling of assets for 3d print/molds

Deco Commercial Spot

Scene Layout, interior design, asset management, look dev


Scene Layout, environment design, asset creation/modeling

Icarus Uprising

Character design, production character modeling

Icarus Uprising Trailer

Character design, production character modeling

NETDEVIL Company Intro

Character design, production character modeling, compositing, 2d logo effect